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Our Promise



It is rare that a client comes to us saying that their spell has not worked. In those cases we promise that each client is satisfied with the end result of their spells that we cast. If you are not, please communicate that to us and we will be more than happy to continue working on your spell until you receive the results that you seek. If 90 days have passed since your spell was cast and you have not been satisfied with the results we will cast a stronger spell for you at no cost. We are a very determined coven of witches and will not stop working on a case until each client is happy. We do not charge additional fees to anyone who is unhappy with the results of their spell.

We do not issue refunds. All sales are final. By placing an order on this website you agree to these terms.











Our Promise

star We will continue to work on your case until you receive results from your spell
star All of our spells work
star Our coven will also put fourth the extra effort to make sure that each client is satisfied with their spell.
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