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Miscellaneous Spells

Want more confidence? Our confidence spell will give you the confidence in yourself that you deserve. Having confidence will gives other people a strong impression of you and they are more likely to do business and have more respect for you in general. This helps with relationships and self worth.

Want to increase your psychic ability? Our third eye spell will help open your third eye allowing your psychic abilities to develop and become stronger. Increase the strength of your intitution and use psychic ability to make better life choices.


Confidence Spell
Increase your confidence and self worth by having a confidence spell cast to bring higher self esteem and recognition. Make a good impression now by showing people that you are confident. This spell is especially good for people that do public speaking or have to give business presentations. 

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Third Eye Spell
Want to increase your psychic abilities? The third eye spell will help open your third eye and enhance your psychic capability.

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Friendship Spell
Want to reunite with an old friend or bring new friends around you? This spell will be customized for all of your friendship needs.

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Phobia Spell
Do you have a phobia that needs to go away? Our phobia spell will help you conquer your fears and phobias and you will no longer be uncomfortable.

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Increase the Strength of a Spell
Have you had a spell cast and you want it to be strengthened? This spell will give your original spell more energy causing it to bring about better results. This can be used for spells that other witches have cast or for spell that we have cast.

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"I had both the confidence and third eye spell cast and the differences that came from both spells is something you would see in a movie. I can now speak in public and at meetings at work with confidence. I receive compliments all of the time about the difference. I also have a stronger feeling about people and future events that have turned out to be true many times over. I used it to win money at the casino when I go with my friends every year. What can I say? The experience has been life changing and I never expected these spells to have such a strong impact on my life!"

Our Promise

We will continue to work on your case until you receive results from your spell
All of our spells work
Our coven will also put fourth the extra effort to make sure that each client is satisfied with their spell.

"After my divorce I was not feeling good about myself at all. I had to give a speech at a conference for work and the confidence spell really gave me the confidence that I needed to get up there and give the best speech of my life!"

"I lost my best friend due to a misunderstanding a few years ago. I have always wanted her to forgive me and be as close as we once were again. Your friendship spell caused her to message me on facebook and we are building up our friendship again! I could not be happier than I am in this moment. You brought someone so special back into my life and I am a huge fan of your work now!"

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